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Cleaning your palette
Did you accidentally let paint dry on your palette? Here's an easy (easier?) way to scrape up
your dried paint

This method is for artists who paint on glass

1. Use a glass scraper that has a razor blade
2. Dip the scraper into your turpenoid
3. Scrape your dried paint into piles
4. Continue dipping your scraper into terpenoid as you clean. This makes your scraping go much faster.
4. Remove piles with paper toweling and throw away.


Edging your canvases

Your canvases will look more professional if you
paint the edges.

  1. I always use Amsterdam Neutral Gray acrylic paint on the edges of my paintings.  
    2. Lay your canvas flat so that you can rotate it as you finish each edge.

    3. It's easiest if you use a foam "brush/sponge" that is a little wider than the edge of your canvas.  
    4. Just put a good dollop on a paper plate.
    5. Dip your foam brush in the paint and go from one edge to the other.
    6. Keep a wet paper towel close by so you can easily remove any paint that accidentally gets onto the front of your canvas.
    7. You may need to give your edges 2-3 coats of gray paint so that your edges are not streaky and also so that any paint from the front of your canvas that got onto the edges is covered.

Eating in Santa Fe

I made 3 trips to Santa Fe this past summer.
Below are a few of my favorite eating spots.
Good food is everywhere!

Counter Culture Cafe
Delicious breads, coffees. and eggs
The best smoked salmon ever!
Sage Bakehouse 
Artisan breads

Compound Restaurant
Award-winning. One of the best dinners ever
Delicious Mexican food
Radish & Rye
Farm inspired New Mexico cuisine


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