About Prayers


Prayers was painted after a trip to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The imagined prayers inscribed on the wall are lifted by the women below.  There are also small prayers tucked into holes in the wall below.

When I was there I received a message: 

"Not the past.  Not the future. Now."


18" x 36" Oil on Canvas $9,500*

Add 1" for silver spacer framed

*Premium Price for travel painting


48" x 48".  Oil on Canvas.  6900


Unframed: 18" x 36" Oil on Canvas, $9.500*

Framed in silver floater frame

*Premium pric

Fish Creek Falls

18" x 36".  Oil on Canvas.  Private collection


Spring Sunrise

30" x 48".  Oil on Canvas.  $4300

Aurora Borealis Alaska

12" x 24".  Oil on canvas. $1,150

Flattops Morning

12" x 36"  Oil on canvas. $1,300

Apres Ski

36" x 36".  Oil on canvas. Private collection

Fishing on the Little Maumelle

9" x 12".  Oil on canvas. Private collection

Aspens Party.jpg

Aspens Party

12" x 24"  Oil on canvas. Private collection

Criss Cross Aspens

4' x 4'. Oil on Canvas.  Private collection.

 Hiker's Reward

3' x 3'.  Private collection

The Little Red Barn

20" x 20". Oil on canvas. Private Collection

Yampa River Dawn II

9" x 12". Oil on Canvas.  $410

Radiant Autumn

12" x 24". Oil on Canvas.  Private collection

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